Chen Chi-Hsiang Biographique

Born in 1956, work and live in Paris ; Taiwan


Web Site:



1982–present- Writer Art ; Culture Research

1979 BFA National Art Institute, Taipei , Taiwan

2020 Sun Gallery Taipei Taiwan

2015 Licence art Gallery Tainan Taiwan

2013 Pema Lamo Gallery Taipei Taiwan

2011 Tai Yu Gallery Chaiyi Taiwan

2010 Pema Lamo Gallery Taipei Taiwan

2009 Sing Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2009 Boss Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2002 Sing Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2001 Cultural Foundation of Tainan, Taiwan

2000 The Bamboo Curtoin Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

2000 Alternative Space, Chiayi, Taiwan

1993 Galerie l’eau métallique, Paris, France

1988 Chateau d’Arttigny, Tours, France

1986 Galeris la Passerelle, Tours, France

1984 Galerie Buref à la Defense, Paris, France


2010 Art-Skyline Tainan et Fan-san Studio Chiayi Taiwan

2007 University of Chiayi , Taiwan et
University of Tainan , Taiwan

2006 Absolutely Sinpink Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2003 University of Chiayi , Taiwan

2002 Space 20, Taichung, Taiwan

1998 Associations House of Paris, France

1997 Culture and Information Center of Taipei in Paris, France

1996 House of Europe-Asia Arts, Paris, France

1994 Cherng-pin Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1993 Buddhism Culture Center of Fo Kuang-Shan, Paris, France

1993 Ping-Tung Culture Center, Taiwan

1988 Lutèce-Kay Gallery, Paris, France

1987 Young Creators of City, Rochefort, France

1986 Prize of Gemmeil, Chateau de Tours, France


2005 German PerformanceArtist: Joseph Beuys. Artist Publication Ltd; Taiwan. In Chinese,

2003 Western Garden Art Artist Publication Ltd; Taiwan. In Chinese, (191)

2002 Post Modern arts in Europe Artist Publication Ltd; Taiwan. In Chinese, (223)

1998 Guide of Paris Garden Grand Earth Publication Ltd; Taiwan. In Chinese, (243)

1996 Guide of Paris Museums Grand Earth Publication Ltd; Taiwan. In Chinese, (397)


2007 Modernism Series Eight Books Artist Publication Ltd; Taiwan. In Chinese. as below:

1. From Minimal Art to Post Minimal Art(153)

2. Art of Povera(162)

3. French BM PT& Support-Surface(143)

4. Conceptual Art (165)

5. Happening-Perfomance-Body Art(159)

6. Art Video(89)

7. Hyperrealism & Narrative Figration- (126)

8. The Foostop of Modernism (156)


1999-00 Guide of the National Modern Art Museum of Georges Pompidou Centre (Trans)

1998-99 Essays on History of Renaissance In Chinese, (120)

1993 Critics on Taiwan Artists In Chinese, (115)

1992 Essays on Contemporary Arts In Chinese, (356)

1991 The French Contemporary Artists (Trans) . In Chinese, (253)

1990 The Descendant of Marcel Duchamps (Trans) In Chinese, (198)


2006 Established for Arts Exhibitions’ Critic in Paris

1986—present Presenting French Contemporary Arts ;

Critical References in Artists Magazines; Lion Magazine, Taiwan


2006—present Part-time Art 7 Art Cuturel Lecturer, Speaker in various institutions in Taiwan

2002-2003 Visiting Lecturer University of Chiayi in Taiwan

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